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UX/UI Design

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Where man meets machine, the interfaces need to do more than just function. UX/UI design is all about understanding what people want to experience when interacting with the machine and enabling that experience.

What we offer

We offer UI/UX design for new and existing applications in order to increase the quality of applications, increase user satisfaction and reduce development costs.

In UI design, we deal with all elements that enable interaction between people and a service or product. UX design describes the entire experience that a person has with the product or service and what they take away from it.

How we work

We start every project at the very beginning because the true asset in UX/UI design is understanding the application and the user. We spend a lot of time gaining knowledge and align all follow-up activities accordingly. We aim to keep clients up to date with prototypes and designs along the way.


The need of users

It always starts with users and their needs and expectations. To do this, we need to know the users, how they will deal with the application and what problem it should solve.


Prototyping solutions

Then there is no hesitation, but attempts to prototype solution variants. Having something in your hands that can be experienced is a major contributor to the decision-making process as to which path is the right one.


Obtain & incorporate feedback

The last thing that should happen is that a solution is being worked on because the developers and designers like it. It depends on the user, so we get feedback at every possible point, try to understand it and incorporate what is useful and good.

In the course of the project, we come up with solutions that benefit from our experience and expertise, but are completely user-oriented.

Projects & success stories

Company Adviser – Mobile working redefined

The bulletin board always had two functions: to inform people and to bring them together. How do you do this in times of home office and decentralized, asynchronous work? With “Company Adviser” we address this topic.
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Armin Wurm – life after a sports career

Armin Wurm is a professional ice hockey player with the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. Armin will be ending his professional career after the coming season and is thinking about what to do next.
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IT specialist Combridge from Wolfsburg, Germany is expanding its business to Kazakhstan: The Sphere.

Expanding business to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is becoming an increasingly important trading partner for Germany. However, the country not only has raw materials to offer. It is also a step ahead when it comes to digitization.
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