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Bulletin boards are a thing of the past


Mobile working redefined

Who else knows the bulletin board where important announcements, the latest baby photos and rosters for the coming week are posted? They are still hanging in some offices, even if everyone no longer sees them due to the increase in home office days. Software solutions such as MS Office try to replace the bulletin board and offer different ways to distribute information. At the end of the day you have to collect the information from team chats, emails and calendar entries.

Mobile Arbeitsweise neu definiert

The “CompanyAdviser” app started as an internal project to improve communication and organization within the COMbridge team by bundling information in one place. It quickly became clear that this app had the potential to achieve much more and make everyday work easier for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

With the “CompanyAdviser” app you can work from anywhere and stay up-to-date. Imagine you are on a business trip and urgently need access to important documents. No problem – the app allows you to not only view documents, but also sign them directly. In addition, cross-departmental exchange and organized communication channels are made possible on one and the same platform. Whether it’s about exchanging news, scheduling meetings or managing employee benefits – the “CompanyAdviser” app has everything under control. Young app developer at COMbridge and dual IT student Sascha Angermann emphasizes: “One app for everything – that’s not only practical, but also extremely time-saving.”

The app enables a flexible way of working and manages to promote community in companies with locations in several countries and home office options. Push notifications and the ability to sign online make the app particularly useful in everyday work.

Looking ahead

The development of the “CompanyAdviser” app is far from complete. “We are currently working on new features such as sick notifications and time recording to make the app even more comprehensive,” explains Sascha Angermann. Through continuous improvements, the needs of users are addressed and mobile working methods are further optimized for employees so that communication channels become even shorter and more convenient.

Click here for more information about our “CompanyAdviser”.

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