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Brücke rund grün

We have extensive experience in engineering, from high-level consulting and requirements clarification to process analysis and process optimization, as well as implementation. We are experts especially in the area of ​​parts lists.


Brücke rund lila

Tailor-made software according to individual needs. Over the years we have enthusiastically developed SAP custom solutions as well as apps or web solutions.

System integration

Brücke rund grün

We integrate current technologies into existing processes. Whether it’s legacy systems, in-house tools, standard solutions or customizations – we will find a way to bring your processes together.


Brücke rund lila

Our test team works on the basis of agile software development methods which ensures that implemented changes can be tested quickly and effectively.

UX/UI Design

Brücke rund grün

The mission in UX/UI design is to understand the user’s point of view and to make the product experience as pleasant and intuitive as possible. We do this job with a combination of “attention to detail”, “seeing the big picture” and a lot of “what do the users need”.

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