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Communicate better.

Through our many partnerships in the sports sector, we have not only seen the clubs’ sporting successes over the years, but also the internal challenges.

Many of these are of an organizational nature, which is why we have made it our mission to develop a white label app that will help your team simplify and professionalize organization and communication.

Branded to your team.

Many people.

Lots of communication.

Communication in a team is never limited to just one topic.

That’s why we worked with our partners in the sports sector to identify the areas where efficient communication is important.

These areas are shown as functions in our app.


The dashboard clearly shows everyone current entries from all categories.

This enables a quick overview at first glance.


News, information, notices
and announcements are visible here.

This way, team members are provided with relevant information.


Appointments that are relevant for the team member are displayed in events.

Synchronization with the native calendar is possible.


Selected activity suggestions for
Team members and their partners.

In this way, new team members in particular find their way around in the new environment.


All team contacts, well organized and accessible.

The contacts can be synchronized with the native phonebook.

Easy administration.

The content of the app can be easily created via the administration frontend and assigned to different user groups. This means that team members only ever see the information that is relevant to them in the app.

Optional push notifications ensure that team members don’t miss anything important. Various definable user roles also make it possible to distribute the administrative effort of the content among different people. For example, event manager can create events, while user manager can take care of maintaining user and contact data.


You can find a demo instance of the administration portal here:

User name: DemoTest
Password: Abc12345!

Modular build for the perfect fit.

We offer a system with various components that suit your club
and can be put together to suit your needs.

This way you get your own, individual product.

Events (synchronisable with your native calendar)
Kontakte (synchronisable to your native contact list)
Push notifications for news and events
Electronic document signing
Digital business card
Darstellung der Module

Network, have fun.

Team communication can be dry and factual. TeamAdviser invites you to see communication not as a necessary evil, but as an opportunity.

Connecting and networking strengthens a team and creates greater acceptance of administrative obligations.

With TeamAdviser you not only have a tool to improve communication within the team, but also to handle organizational matters quickly and easily.


TeamAdviser is available for both iOS and Android.

Are you interested in TeamAdviser?
Get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you.

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