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IT is a
team sport

Not just participants, but key players.

IT is a team sport

Who we are
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Team is everything

What began in 1999 as a two-man show has since grown into a strong team that takes on every challenge. We have several locations across national borders and we master each project with a unique approach and a knack for innovation.

We advise and develop in SAP, oversee the rollout of new systems and develop tailor-made web and app solutions. In consulting we always make sure to be competent and fair-minded because we believe that long-term business relationships only work on this basis.

IT is a team sport!

What we do
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Our daily business.
Our team.

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Digital VIP ticketing

A new chapter has begun in our intensive partnership with Bundesliga club VFL Wolfsburg. The “VFL Connect” app makes digital ticketing the standard in the VIP game.

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We are gamers, musicians, nerds, football fans, party people, family people and everything in between. We are enthusiastic about innovation, the latest tech trends and we like to learn new things.

Are you a trainee, a student, a young professional or an expert? Wherever you are in your development, we’d like to have you in our team.

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