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Finding mistakes with passion.

Software testing

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We like to take things apart and find out how they works. We do this in a structured way and with an eye for detail. Software testing, perhaps even more than other areas, benefits immensely from good preparation.

What we offer

We offer a holistic approach to testing and are happy to advise you on what you need to ensure the quality of your products.

What we offer

We get involved early in the design and development process in order to be able to offer early error detection, but also to know the technical requirements at an early stage. Over the course of the project, we always strive to reduce expenses through automation and continuously improve quality.


What needs to get tested and how?

At the beginning we have to understand the test object and decide which quality criteria should be tested.


Plan plan plan

We design the test procedure, put together the test environment, take care of access, authorizations and try to exchange information with everyone involved.



The test scenarios are extracted from the requirements and executed in various regression portfolios. Tickets are created and tested. We continuously deliver reports to visualize the software quality and the transparency of our work.

Projekts & success stories

Company Adviser – Mobile working redefined

The bulletin board always had two functions: to inform people and to bring them together. How do you do this in times of home office and decentralized, asynchronous work? With “Company Adviser” we address this topic.
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Armin Wurm – life after a sports career

Armin Wurm is a professional ice hockey player with the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. Armin will be ending his professional career after the coming season and is thinking about what to do next.
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IT specialist Combridge from Wolfsburg, Germany is expanding its business to Kazakhstan: The Sphere.

Expanding business to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is becoming an increasingly important trading partner for Germany. However, the country not only has raw materials to offer. It is also a step ahead when it comes to digitization.
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