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Expanding business to Kazakhstan

COMbridge in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - increasingly important for Germany

According to the Committee of Eastern European Economic Relations, around 480 German companies were active in Kazakhstan at the beginning of 2022 with an investment sum of around 1.3 billion Euros. First and foremost, German companies supply machinery and equipment to the resource-rich country in Central Asia, as it is one of Germany’s most important suppliers of crude oil. It also has rare earths and other important metals for technology prodution. The country’s geography – it is very large, with large stretches of unpopulated land, ideal for wind farms, solar panels and hydroelectric power plants – makes it a beacon of hope for Germany’s energy transition.

High digitization of the country

But the country’s geography is not the only thing that attracts German companies to Kazakhstan. COMbridge is one of the first German IT companies to be supported by the Central Asian Chamber of Commerce Abroad in setting up business in Kazakhstan. The prerequisites for Kazakhstan to become a popular IT partner country for European companies in the near future are excellent. Digitization is very advanced, as Kazakhstan has digitalized more than 90 percent of public services and in many cases the universities rely on education in English and on projects with international companies.

After Expanding Business To Kazakhstan The Combridge Team Has A Shared Workspace In Astana, The Capital Of Expanding Business To Kazakhstan.
Expanding Business To Kazakhstan Holds A Lot Of Opportunities For Combridge IT.
In The Course Of Expanding Business To Kazakhstan Combridge Staff Visited The Sphere In Astana, Kazakhstan.

Digital Kazakhstan

In 2018, the country launched its Digital Kazakhstan program and created local tech centers to support tech companies. The Kazakh IT sector is a steadily growing ecosystem with specializations in govtech, smart city tech and fintech. The government is providing enormous financial and non-financial support to the IT industry. The largest projects are carried out here for the needs of the state.

COMbridge in Kazakhstan

For COMbridge, the search for qualified and motivated employees in the field of development led to Kazakhstan in May 2022. We now have 10 employees on site who are mainly involved in flutter development for international COMbridge projects. We have picked up on the home office trend here, so we do not operate our own office in Kazakhstan, but enable employees to work from home or to use a provided shared work space.

With the step to Kazakhstan, our horizon has expanded again. New inputs, new perspectives and an even stronger focus on agile working methods reward us in our daily work.

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    Expanding business to Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan is becoming an increasingly important trading partner for Germany. However, the country not only has raw materials to offer. It is also a step ahead when it comes to digitization.
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