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Software development

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Innovation inspires us. We love new tech trends, learning about them and perfecting our skills. Whether it’s a small development team or a large development team with nearshore support, we implement our customers’ projects, as well as our own, efficiently and enthusiastically.


What we offer

We have many years of experience in customizing SAP as well as with developing app and web solutions.

Together with our partners in the sports sector, we design and develop apps for digital ticketing and team organization.

Our own products for time tracking, digital visitor book for offices, COVID data collection and apps to improve corporate communication complete our portfolio.

How we work

“Tailor-made” is the secret word and for us it means that we are as agile as possible, creative and passionate. The staffing and the method of working depend entirely on the project. From a small one-person team to an onsite team lead with nearshore support, we can set everything up.


The meaning of it all

Development doesn’t start with code, but with understanding the goal and the competing products.

If the goal proves feasible and the market proves good, the vision is put into words and a plan.


Mapping it out

What are requirements, what are nice-to-haves and what is unnecessary? Together with the customer, we identify the requirements and plan the team size and development accordingly.

In keeping with the agile tradition, we plan short-term and long-term work packages, set sprints and use Scrum as the framework for implementation.


The implementation

When mplementing, clear communication is important to us, as well as a transparent way of working and a reliable delivery.

We react quickly and pragmatically to problems so that we can reach the goal together with our customers.

Projects & success stories

Company Adviser – Mobile working redefined

The bulletin board always had two functions: to inform people and to bring them together. How do you do this in times of home office and decentralized, asynchronous work? With “Company Adviser” we address this topic.
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Armin Wurm – life after a sports career

Armin Wurm is a professional ice hockey player with the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. Armin will be ending his professional career after the coming season and is thinking about what to do next.
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IT specialist Combridge from Wolfsburg, Germany is expanding its business to Kazakhstan: The Sphere.

Expanding business to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is becoming an increasingly important trading partner for Germany. However, the country not only has raw materials to offer. It is also a step ahead when it comes to digitization.
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