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Data privacy for everyone


Sensitivity to privacy

Data protection leaves no one cold. Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation. Customers are becoming more and more sensitized to how their data is handled. Volkswagen knows this and creates transparency with its own data protection portal.

VW Privacy Platform

In the Volkswagen AG data protection portal, customers, fleet and major customers as well as trading partners, suppliers and employees are informed about their rights under the GDPR and how they can exercise these vis-à-vis Volkswagen AG. The portal offers the opportunity to view the use of individual data and to correct, change or delete it.

We developed this portal for VW and look after both the portal itself and the process of data retrieval and processing in the background. Projects with a focus on data protection always require a high degree of accuracy and need processes that can be integrated into everyday work and existing systems as simply and practicably as possible.

For us, this means creativity in the technical conception and at the same time full attention to the details in the implementation.

Discover the portal here:

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