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Digital VIP-Ticketing

VfL Wolfsburg

Digital ticketing is the way forward for sports clubs.

VIP ticketing in particular is an area that was previously organized by sending hard tickets by post and that needs to be modernised. Above all because the business customers and sponsors of an association play an important role and smooth, flexible and modern handling of ticketing can lead to a great appreciation of this relationship.

In addition, digital ticketing in times of the pandemic offers a complete recording of guest data and thus increases security for every game.

VfL Connect

For this purpose, COMbridge has developed an app that has a modular structure and can be adapted to any new club, any sport and any infrastructure. In addition, it is individually branded. The app is managed via a web portal. The data is taken from various existing data sources.

In addition to ticket data, the app also contains current team news, game statistics, match details as well as tables and live tickers. The app also contains data about the match day and the venue – be it the schedule, menu in the VIP area, parking tickets or business contacts of the sponsors.

The API does the heavy lifting

The real secret behind the app is the powerful API, which fetches the ticketing, match day data and business network from the club’s database and skillfully distributes it. Be it in the VfL Connect app, in the administration portal for admins or the power front end, in which large ticket contingents can be administered without any problems.

Exactly this API also makes it possible to use this service widely, regardless of whether the functions are to be integrated into an existing app or used for themselves.

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