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TI Chain: A project that revolutionized vehicle parts lists


A central Product Lifecycle Management for VW

In 2003, a media report said: “In order to redesign its business processes in the areas of development, production and after-sales, the automobile manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) is introducing a central Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). “We need a company-wide uniform parts list management in order to to streamline all processes in design and production,” explains Otto Joormann, at the time Project Manager at Volkswagen. Global processes in particular should become more effective as a result.”

A revolution in parts lists

The introduction of TI Syncro takes 2 years and represents a revolution in parts management as BOM reliability and availability are now massively improved. Ten individual systems will be replaced and a central data source will be created for the thousands of individual parts in the various vehicle models and their variants. For example, “TI Synchro” describes the vehicle parts lists, i.e. which components the vehicles consist of, for all current and future vehicles from development to production.

COMbridge and "TI Syncro" - a lasting partnership

With TI Syncro, a new and important chapter began not only for VW, but also for what was then COMbridge AG. COMbridge not only accompanied the beginning of the project with conception and implementation, but is still an integral part of the project in development, consulting, rollout and support. For 20 years now we have been part of a project that was exciting, challenging and innovative from the start and has remained so. The high level of customer satisfaction and the continuity of our business relationship with Volkswagen makes us proud and gives us the confirmation that with our passion and a lot of hard work we can overcome any problem.

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