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Hospitality App


COMbridge meets BVB

“BVB Hospitality” is the name of the new app that the club offers its VIP customers for easier ticket handling. Exactly the right tool for a spontaneous visit to the stadium, but also for the administration of large contingents of season tickets.


COMbridge in the Bundesliga

True to our motto “IT is a team sport”, we have also put all our know-how and creativity into this app to build a technically innovative and visually appealing tool for another Bundesliga club.

Under the hood you’ll find our sophisticated API, which we used to ensures efficient and smooth processes with the VfL Connect app as well, and a strong design on the surface that invites users to take the digital path of ticket management.



Modular and customised?

Because every club is unique, the challenge of a modular system is to use the modularity, but not to deny the club the opportunity to contribute its own ideas and requirements.

In close cooperation with BVB, we have succeeded in building an app that not only we but also the club can be proud of.


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