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COVID Guest data registration


Simple guest data registration

Whether restaurant, hairdresser, fitness studio, party location or concert hall. Fastlane guarantees easy collection of guest data. Scan the guest’s QR code with the fastlanescan app – done.

fastlane offers various systems that adapt to the situation. With the personal myfastlane app, the personalized QR code can be generated and the code of another person can be scanned. All without the Internet, from device to device and always encrypted. While this scenario works well for a party, a tablet with the fastlane scan app can be set up in the entrance area for the hair salon. Visitors scan their QR code from their myfastlane app and their tablet


Data handling as a stumbling block

With the effort to keep as many areas of public life open as possible during the Corona Pandemic, the topic of guest data collection is becoming increasingly important. Various providers have recognized this need and brought products onto the market. The central problem was always how to deal with the recorded data. Where is the data stored, is it safe there and are data protection requirements met. Ultimately, even the largest providers have failed and are not getting out of the media.

The safe concept

We at COMbridge have therefore opted for a very simple but at the same time secure system. fastlane uses no internet connection, no servers and is fully GDPR compliant. Data transfer is offline, encrypted and device-to-device only.

If necessary, the visitor list for a selected period can be quickly extracted. This is then ready for printing, but never ends up on a server or in a database. After the legally prescribed retention period, all data will be completely and automatically deleted.

Different areas of application

fastlane has been used by a wide variety of companies. From a hobby sports club to a national league club, from a kebab shop to a posh hotel, from a hairdressing salon to an IT office complex.

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Projects & success stories

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